Singapore Night Festival: Dancing Sky

The Night Festival at the Singapore National Museum started about two weekends ago. Studio Festi from Italy will take to the sky in this specially designed display of light and aerial acrobatic routines. My dad was in town that weekend, so Bubster and I took him to watch a ‘free’ show. The crowd was HUGE but it was worth it. As you can see, I was standing quite far away as well. Here are some snapshots I took (not fantastic though):

Ooh, spinning in a glass?

Pretty in Pink: Birthday Gift #3

Bubster surprised me yesterday with a bouquet of pink tulips! Aww. Tulips are my favourite and it was also the first flower he gave me on our second date (later I found out, he bought the tulip from Cold Storage!). Basically, HK trip is my birthday present too. I was lookin’ very unglam from cooking dinner so I didn’t manage to pose with my flowers.

It’s a pity that we’re flying to HK and the tulips will just fade away at home. Oh well. They’re immortalised in photos! What a nice surprise.

Hong Kong, Here I Come!


All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go – not for another 6 more hours. Yours truly has finally hit quarter-life fabulosity, and I definitely feel good about it. Let’s see, it has been 3 years since my last trip to HK and this also marks my 3rd time to the country of awesome food, shopping and Mickey Mouse. I haven’t really plan my itinerary for the next four days but I’ll get around to it – on the plane.

Thanks to Wottoncool‘s HK shopping and eating guide – I don’t have to do much research this time. The last time, I spend most of the time stumbling around shops in Causeway Bay and Temple Street with my Lonely Planet. I plan to catch Cirque du Soleil’s Zaia in The Venetian Macau on Thursday if possible. Not sure about Shenzhen yet, but might make a trip there if time permits. Ooh, I can’t wait already!!

That’s me with Mickey and Minnie in 2005. I know, I’ve changed.

Spotted: Kirsten Dunst in Green


Hmm. Our dear Mary-Jane Watson a.k.a. Kirsten Dunst was spotted backstage at the JellyNYC Pool Party in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool on Sunday to check out shows by MGMT and the Ting Tings. She looks a little under the weather, don’t you think? I like the green Wayfarers but the T-shirt has got to go.

Love Your Style, Anouck Lepére

Here, Fash-E likes to keep a lookout for celebrity styles and of course, models. We dig their quirky, random yet effortless style – and we seek inspiration from these lovely creatures who live and breathe fashion on a daily basis. Now, does the name Anouck Lepére ring a bell? She’s the face of Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. You may have known her from her greatest accessory, Jefferson Hack – Kate Moss’ baby daddy. Her friends include Dries van Noten and Olivier Theyskens who encouraged her to pursue modeling and ditch her architecture studies. Here’s a flash of her star style over the years:

I want red stockings!

Lookin’ sultry in this magazine editorial.

Anouck always looks relax and well-styled.

This Belgian beauty lives a glamorous life. Who wants to be a model?

With her fiance, the duo are hardly seen appearing in public apart.

This fashionable couple can look casual-cool and sophisticated too.

via Elle UK, Fabsugar

Trendspotting: How to be Hollywood Royalty

Double Strand Pearls

If pearls are good enough for Carrie Bradshaw, they’re good enough for me. It seems like celebs are lovin’ pearls and the trick is to layer them with multiple strands while pairing with the classic black dress. Of course, double is what Ashlee Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow are doing.

Bright Jackets

There is nothing more show-stopping than loud, bright colours! I love Rihanna‘s spunky hot pink jacket. Even Katherine Heigl and Kim Kardashian are sporting bright jackets with dark denim. Smart!

Leather Mini Skirts

Bring back the 80s staple! I used to be vegan, so I’m against the usage of real leather. You can opt for latex or faux leather like Nicky HIlton. Selita Ebanks and Ashley Olsen are pairing their minis wiht monotones and fierce shoes!

Short Suits

Show off your long legs by coordinating your black blazers with shorts like Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and Natalie Portman. I love how Rihanna paired it with a black sheer top and bright orange heels! Otherwise, you can add a little colour like Natalie with a Maroon tee.

Shimmery Beige Dress

Don’t be afraid to shine amongst the crowd. Neutral with a little sparkle can be very alluring and sexy. Take the cue from Claire Danes, Mila Kunis and Heidi Klum.


I Heart Prada’s Lace Bowler

Yours truly is back from her weekend break. I just survived almost 3 harrowing hours at the Singapore Immigration (don’t ask). I think the S’pore Govt is creating long queues to take the piss out of tourists. I mean, c’mon, THREE miserable lanes for like a million people? *drama queen moment* You must be kidding me. I can’t sleep now since I’ve to be at work in about an hour. Anyway, let’s look at pretty stuff:


Isn’t this like the prettiest? It’s the perfect carry-on bag: Prada’s Lace Leather BowlerEva Mendes make lace look both casual and sophisticaated. I’m not a big fan of lace but maybe I’m beginning to appreciate it a little more. Then again, it’s hard for me to justify getting a bag that would be at least 80% of my paycheck. Can someone pay my rent?

Look Book: Charm Necklace

Necklace: Charm necklace from Diva

Top: Royale blue blouse from Bysi

Rings: Aroha ring (NZ) and Silver Rose ring (Topshop)

Tonight, I will heading back home for a nice long weekend with my parents, sister and friends. Bubster will be tagging along on our ‘torturous’ 9-hour journey. I’ll try to blog from home, even though I need a break from cyberspace. I’ve also a movie review to write for over the weekend – Journey to the Center of the Earth. I actually enjoyed the film! It would be much fun if it was 3D but I might just go for the IMAX. Brendan Fraser is the MAN.

Anyway, just wanted to show off my charm necklace I bought from Miss Selfridge over the weekend. The original price was $36 and I got it for a cool $13!! Isn’t it like the best deal ever? I also bought a couple of big ass bling rings (not shown in pic) which I’ll show off on another day. So, hello to my HOLIDAY and I’ll be back on Monday. Adios!

Oh, Peaches Geldof

First, Amy Winehouse. Now, British IT-girl, Peaches Geldof has fallen into a deep, dark hole. On Sunday, she was given the “kiss of life” after a suspected drug overdose. This wild child of Sir Bob Geldof has been surprising us with her antics and of course, her chameleon style. Fash-E hopes she doesn’t fall from grace at such a young age. Let’s take a look at her style transformation from 2005:

My favourite look of all (see left)- her braided hair and Fendi everything. Nice.

Hanging out with her equally stylish sister, Pixie Geldof.

Blonde Ambition: Peaches will be launching her capsule collection soon. She told Refinery29, “It’s very sexy, flirty, and very new romantic/neo-gothic and 1960s Swinging London. Don’t expect any bright colors—but frills, short hemlines, and plunging backless all-in-ones are all featured prominently. There are also a few vanity cases on offer bag-wise, and some great 1960s-style buckled ankle boots.”

I like how she makes preppy looks ultra-snazzy, and punkish.

She’s got the rocker, glam chick going on.

Peaches always has her lil’ black dress, and black stockings.

She loves purple!

How ironic that Peaches‘ friends are wearing the same thing with the same hair!


Congrats! Tony Leung & Carina Lau’s Wedding in Bhutan

FINALLY! The most anticipated wedding of the year: Tony Leung (arguably, one of the best Asian actors) & Carina Lau have tied the knot in a beautiful, majestic wedding ceremony in the Himalayan nation, Bhutan. You know this has to be fantabulous when you have renowned director, Wong Kar-Wai as your wedding ‘curator’. That is sooo rare to the point that it will never happen again (unless he decided to venture into the bridal business). The wedding photos were released yesterday by Jet Tone Films and I’ve got to say, I teared a little. This is real love.

The happy couple. It’s as though they haven’t age a bit.

Carina Lau in Vera Wang dress. And, ooh I love the five-tier wedding cake! Pretty! She is also wearing her 12-carat Cartier wedding ring, worth over 10 million Hong Kong dollars.

Aww. This photo is amazing!

I read in the Newpaper today that Fann Wong and Christopher Lee might have theirs in the Himalayas! Copy cats!

They had a traditional Buddhist ceremony, as it is the officially recognised in Bhutan. Congrats!!


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