Carla Bruni: The First Lady of Chic

One week ago, Moe Moe was candidly chatting with me about how chic Carla Bruni, First Lady of France. I couldn’t agree more. She is definitely a “fashionable” addition to the dead-pan boring political landscape. This Italian singer/songwriter/model was making headlines since her whirlwind romance with President Nicolas Sarkorzy was reported in late 2007 – and since their wedding, the pair were inseparable. All tongues are wagging about the most-talkabout couple, Bruni-Sarzokzy – and Fash-E can’t stop ogling at her ultra-sophisticated outfits styled by John Galliano, for Christian Dior.

(Photo: Telegraph UK)

Glamourous Grey
Carla Bruni
has transformed from an artsy ingenue to the epitome of class and sophistication – bringing ‘chic’ to world politics. For once, fashionistas are paying the well-deserved attention to the much-neglected fashion market. Guardian reported that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has appointed Bruni to “spearhead a government initiative aimed at injecting more style and glamour into British national life”. Don’t you think she makes grey looked like the most stylish colour? I love the ribbed wool suit and also the grey wool jersey dress and navy coat. Also, how cute is that tilted beret?

(Photo: Telegraph UK)

Lovely Evenings
We haven’t seen much fashion action since Princess Diana or Jackie O. Thank goodness for Carla Bruni! When you’re the President’s wife, you will internalise the savoir faire required for grand banquets and events. She was seen wearing a “gorgeous silk muslin bustier gown in Bordeaux red to a banquet at the Guildhall”. Also, a gown “which featured a bodice with a waterfall of ‘mille feuille’ ruffles, topped the midnight blue bias cut dress she wore to the state banquet the previous night”. Definitely highfalutin’!

(Photo: Telegraph UK)

The Colour Purple
The first ladies, Sarah Brown and Carla Bruni walked in style – but of course, Bruni rocked the colour – purple. She looked strikingly beautiful in her flashy purple coat among the greys and blacks. It seems like all eyes were on Bruni when she took off her purple coat. She also donned a purple slip dress that makes her such an eye candy before her husband’s speech.

(Photo: Telegraph UK)

Shoes Shoes Shoes
What shoes does the First Lady wear? Flats! A staple in Bruni‘s wardrobe. You may ask, where are the heels? I guess love conquers all – she is willing to give up stilettos for flats to match her vertically-challenged husband. Another Tom-Nicole case. That’s why I don’t date men shorter than me, haha. Her black Dior pumps are soo cute and elegant – not to mention the classic black leather handbag, called The Babe . Anyone notice that Sarkozy is wearing stacked heels?

(Photo: Guardian)

Bring on the Union Jack
I want this bag! Can someone tell me where she got this from? Hail the Union Jack! Why can’t the Malaysian flag be more interesting as a design element?


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